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Core Values 

  Open, win-win, balanced, humane, Smart!

   To achieve the sustainable development in complex competitioncontinue to develop environmental friendly and high quality new products, and eventually to create business miracle!

   To accept different ideas and perspectives In an open posture,  we have respect and trust in every employee; we encourage each employee to maximize their potential; We also value the difference;of each employee, we inspire and help employees to achieve higher expectations, standards and challenging goals;we equally treat each individuals’ performance, and advocating Ownership

   We are committed to design and develope the win-win products and to establish a broad, effective, lasting relationships with customers. We attach great importance to suppliers / customers / companies in this chain and to work towards the maximize of the benefits between suppliers and customers! to grasp the rhythm of the development of enterprises based on the formulating of balanced business strategy and planning guidance. We should progress step by step, regarding the quality of product as the core of enterprisesteping forward Steadily

   To behavior according to humanism, continue to explore, develop, reserve talents; adhere to the the basic principles of people-oriented, to make the best use of their talents, to trust and respect every employee,and to value each individual’s contribution to the interprise, in the meanwhile, maximizing each employee's enthusiasm for creating and potential

   To achieve victories one after another by take opportunities smartly and flexiblely


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