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Company Mission 

   Green products, green world!

Environmental protection is an important part of the social economic sustainable development. Selectech Electronics here is committed to the development of green pasteand pay special attention to the enviromental protection. We take full account of environmental requirements in the process of developing and producing of the products.and follow all kinds of environmental regulationsand efforts to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy conservation through technical innovation.  

   Efforts to reach a suppliers / customers / business win-win situation,to reduce production and operation costs, to increase productivity, and to optimize resource allocation, thus to achieve good economic and social benefitsso that the participants can get a satisfactory return.  

   As an enterprise, we treat trust and responsibility as the highest values; we have integrity, loyalty, mutual respect for a code of conduct; to concerned about the sustained growth personal values and outstanding performance of the employees; to create a safe and harmonious production and working environment; and to treasure each employee's contribution to the development of enterprise; at the same timepromoting a customer-centric service philosophy, stimulating the greatest potential of the employees; encouraging a variety of research and development point of view; respecting for different traditions and experience. we promise to create a significant performance through reliable and comprehensive financial management, substantial income, steady growth, and a high degree of social responsibility, to ensure that suppliers and customers are in the best interests as well as to achieve the mission of the interprise


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